I'm not fat because I smoke.
     I like healthy people and I know how to control health costs. My
wife Michelle worked at University of Chicago Hospital which is a
non-profit organization which makes over $100 million in profit every
year and pays no taxes. She made $121,910 a year. Then I became a
big shot with political influence and I can get them earmarks. So they
gave her a raise to $316,962 a year.
     I have been part of the problem and not part of the solution. So
what. Like Reverend Wright says, "God Damn America". Michelle and I
like money and we plan on making a hell of a lot more. Anyone got a
cigarette I can bum?
Those look healthy
I'll need a triple bypass by the time I'm ten.
That kitty would sure taste good
dipped in some McNugget sauce!
Who took my half eaten possum I left behind the fridge?
Yeah right kid. Even I
could outrun you.
Married a Republican. I guess he likes intelligent women.
When nobody is looking,
two metal antennas sprout
out of his head. Then he
reports back to the
We should nab that Farakhan dude again. I have a taste for dark meat.
"Good work Comrade
Carville. We have nearly
perfected our recipe for
Mercan McNuggets."

"Come back to my planet
with me kid. I've got a whole
tank full of McNugget sauce.
Just for you."
Healthy Americans
"We have nearly
completed fattening up the
tastiest of the species on
this planet. Send the rest
of the ships now!"